Friday, January 14, 2011

Bvlgari Serpenti and Parentesi

A pair of special edition sunglasses adds charm to the accessories of the season. Hinge pin interface at the wire and the crystal form a circular design. The inspiration is taken from a diamond necklace of the top Bvlgari jewelry series.

But I got the know Bvlgari from its sunglasses. Today I want to introduce Bvlgari Serpenti to you. Serpenti means "snake" in Italy, which symbolizes strength, regeneration and eternal. Since the romote Greek time, Serpenti has become the enduring theme of the Bulgari style.

As for the Bvlgari sunglasses of this season, it is decorated with crystal and enamel, acetate and polished metal base wire. More Bvlgari Serpenti and fine jewelry design also echo each other. Another series is Bvlgari Parentesi that is inspired from the landmark joint design of the ancient Roman streets, which added a number of sub-base wire elegance, style and covers multiple colors.

The surface is polished, from classic black, tobacco, gray and brown to the new honey sugar, color, blue, violet and red. Following is the Bvlgari Zero1 series, the classic spiral shape than ever applies in accessories, bear with embedded circular lenses Acetate Frame - a dazzling crystal.

I've secretly wanted a pink set of Bvlgari Serpenti for days but never a good deal of money to buy them. The classic shapes of Bvlgari sunglasses are also re-worked but are still in-trend and yet so timeless. It is Bvlgari.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Metatropy Model Tops?

Models of 2010 are no longer fitthe perfect world, but show a diverse world. This year we found a model community which we thought was not perfect, you may need to re-plan the modeling industry in order to find more in the right direction.

Of the top models who feature different bodies, different ethnic groups of different gender, different ages or even different sexual orientations. Next, we count this year's most talked about supermodel in fashion circles.

She is only 15 years old new, a Dutch model. Although this year is her first year as a model, Daphne Groeneveld has accumulated a number of model years experience. And this year is just the beginning.

Daphne Groeneveld looks quite different and is the type that big-name designers have immediately recognized by in all major brands and appeared in the spring and summer 2011 runway. Calvin Klein, Prada, Gucci, Givenchy , Dolce & Gabbana and other front-line are also included.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FILA Retains Its DNA

FILA Vintage Classic Italian design retains the classic characteristics of FILA and joins the modern fashion elements and will then  re-interpretation of the most popular classic style while playing old and new elements CROSSOVER.

FILA occured in 1911 and at the 70/80 it reached its glory. Then it witnessed the legendary king of Vilas's clay, to the 90's tennis champion Evonne Fay 14 times. Each FILA glory can be a reflection of the historical evolution of sports fashion.
VINTAGE season continues FILA Classic Italian classic design DNA and stripes. The large blocks of color, red, white and blue is mixed with the seasonal fashion elements, such as printing and comfortable padded fabric. While maintaining the original meaning Simple cutting ceremony outside, the bright details can highlight the fashion sense.

The classic 80's design with color stitching is inclined to do the old cardigan and effects design. Yet the entire series is low-key dynamic, elegant and exquisite!