Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jimmy Choo Will Be Listed?

TowerBrook Capital and Gala Capital, the Jimmy Choo equity holding in private equity are studying the shoes of this famous British company's future and may list the company on a public offering. The company has hired investment bank providing advisory services and advice. TowerBrook Capital private equity funds and Gala Capital are studying the British footwear designer Jimmy Choo public offering the possibility of listing.

According to foreign media reports, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were among the first invited to advise the bank. Tower Brook is considering various options, including the UK, U.S. or Asia for IPO, Expansion reported the news of the financial community reference, said the company's public offering price listed is 500 million pounds (7.68 billion U.S. dollars).
Gala Capital and TowerBrook holds the major stake of the company in the high-end designer footwear company. Jimmy Choo brand won Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts and other celebrities alike. Michelle Obama, U.S. first lady wore Jimmy Choo shoes in her husband's appointment ceremony.

Jimmy Choo was founded by Tamara Mellon in 1996. Since 2001, the company was taken place three times, and finally bought by TowerBrook in 2007 with 180 million pounds to buy. He currently held 80 percent equity while another 17% were under the control of Tamara Mellon. Meanwhile, the two private equity funds take into account the Jimmy Choo company sold to a luxury private equity company or another company.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Obama's Tumi's Black Briefcase

First Lady's handbags are usually worried by people today as they are usually a standing mark of temperament. Hillary Clinton, like Oscar de la Renta's Doheny handbags, free of cost and of effortless competence. Michelle Obama like Bottega Veneta's 3-tier tote, sensible and fashionable. Have you actually believed within the query what type of handbags does the president choose?

What type of capabilities and characteristics does he spend consideration to? We may too consider a appearance on the briefcase that Obama choosed for himself. Well, it is stated for being bullet-proof Oh! Recently, luggage brand name Tumi celebrates its 35 birthday. possibly you have by no means observed of it. But would you understand that Obama's briefcase is from this brand, a dark leather-based pc bag.

Since Obama took office, the couple's outfits have come to be the focus on the fact that community are prepared to follow. The selection of Tumi custom handbags are favored by Obama. It proves that Tumi luggage has the best standing inside area of vacation and company bags.

Tumi primarily deals with vacation bags, company bags. The nylon resources the Tumi handbags are created of are pretty wearable, a good deal extended than that of other brands. It reaches the army criteria and is also unmatched by other comparable products. The bullet-proof nylon system can withstand high-speed friction and put on analyze 3500 rpm, that is, at the very least 3,500 instances prior to it could break soil initial hole. Even for company people today who vacation often is of no issue with 5-year or ten many years regular use.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bally Fall/Winter 2010 Women Bags

Bally Fall/Winter 2010 Women Bags focus on functional design and clean lines and clearly highlights the fine texture of leather. Elegant weekend travel bag, shopping bags and collapsible roll package models represent the major form during the day.

Mosaic snake skin, crocodile skin wash, a small sheep, antique deerskin, snake skin print, and printed leopard pattern pony skin just create the comfortable touch and the full display of luxury materials. Grasping the shoulder bag and wrapped in this season has a more delicate external lines, with well-designed internal structure, lightweight, portable and simple fashion.

Trainspotting Bally signature red and white stripes, is cleverly integrated into all parts of bags: or printing in the snake skin on, or hasp and combination of exquisite bags, highlight the traditional Swiss brands. Bally, a symbol of quality and elegance, was found by Mr. Carl Franz Bally in Switzerland in 1851. It is famous in footwear, accessories and clothing products, a perfect blend of elegant design, superb craft skills and high-quality selection of materials, create a relaxed and elegant fashion sense.

Today, Bally has a history of more than 155 years and has become the oldest global luxury brand, and maintain sales growth year after year. Today, Switzerland still well preserves Shnenwerd Bally brand files, including more than 13,000 pieces of precious historical objects, the old shoe, shoe tree, decorations, photographs, advertising posters, graphics, logos, product catalog manual, and even packaging material. From which you can learn many interesting footwear manufacturing and design knowledge and browse the Bally shoes and footwear of different types of material.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kylie Minogue's Third Chanel Cross-Body Tote Performance

I don't mind some celebs' crush on one bag as long as they can breathe something new to the bag with assorted getup. If every celeb goes the way Ashley Tisdale does, I'll surely be driven mad. Even she drains all her gym suits to pair her tanned Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas tote, she can't make it cause her gym suits are imcompatible with the vintage Louis Vuitton luxe. The same goes for Kim Kardashian. The first time she had no difficulty in impressing you with her sleek leggings, leather clad blazer, knee boots and Louis Vuitton Monogram tote, but the second time and all the followings are aweful. Every fashionista should have a good study at Audrina Patridge who loves Chanel bags so much but takes pains not to plague our vision with different sets of garments. Here I must say, Kylie Minogue is among the first troop that follows the glorious Audrina Patridge. She has present three ensembles to pair her lovely Chanel metallic flap purse, each of which is gorgeous.

Compared with the previous ebony dotted chiffon blouse&ivory dress shorts plus black coat&grey jump suit, her white slouchy shirt and khaki harem pants this time seem to get closer to her metallic Chanel flap purse. If you have a close-up examination, you will be impressed by her discreet style. She knows to echo the bag whose cross-body strap is beige with a beige stud wristband. The ensemble reminds me of Kate Moss but Kylie Minogue wins more claps from me for sure.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Have a All-Night-Long Party with Chanel Quilted Leather Bag

Lindsay Lohan has a thing for Gucci and Chanel bags and she seems to limit each to specific cases. When she feels like telling the world she's happy more than ever before or she's an innocent girl, she will choose a Chanel quilted leather flap bag to add more joy to her fiesta; when she's just fresh back from some unpleasant story like breaking up with her girlfriend or facing the merciless snap of paparazzi's camera shoots, she usually comes with a Gucci printed bag. Her classic shielding gesture with a large Guccissima tote to protect her from the shoots has become eternal.

After all, Lindsay Lohan spends more time being happy than sad, so we have more opportunities to witness her appearance with gay Chanel bags. That's lovely. The camera-shy bad girl has a good know-how of showing off her cuteness via small Chanel flap bags. Plus, it turns out to be effective. Her holding-back posture can spark people's sense of sympathy easily, and the feelings would be strengthened by the adorable Chanel bag.

This is her second time to show how shy she is with a tiny Chanel quilted leather flap purse in red luster. The nightclub queen consumes a hysteria-like joyful night at a party in London. Look at her bashful expression, protective long curly hair, grey fur coat and the red Chanel flap bag topping off her shy ensemble, do you love her more?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sara Paxton Looks So-So with Balenciaga Tote

I can't remember how many times I have seen Hollywood celebs dress like in this fashion and hence I just find myself lacking interest in Sara Paxton's black blazer, low-cut tank top and navy jeans. She should be as tall as Rachel Bilson, isn't she? If not, it is she herself who should take the blame of managing such an ensemble. Though in the light of classic streetsnap dress logics, her getup is nothing short of No.1 pattern. Nonetheless, can she be more creative?

I don't want every Hollywood girl to present her red carpet shoot like this. Katrina Bowden can leave me good impression cause that's my first time to witness the might of classic combo of blazer and tank top and jeans, then Rachel Bilson looks uninspired with the like attire, now Sara Paxton gives me the third presentation with which I can't be happy for sure, though her black Balenciaga tote is gorgeous.

Balenciaga City bags are not bad, the thing is, the majority of their owners aren't clear about the way to bring the fab bags to their best. Kim Kadashian, the weavy woman who has a crush on monkeying about with her black Balenciaga tasseled bag, tops the list of bad owner of the designer bag.

On the other hand, I love Stephanie Pratt's ivory Balenciaga tote the most cause it perfectly matches her monochrome dress. Sara Paxton's black Balenciaga bag, I must say, is just average among her so-so outfits.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prada Meets Drama

This summer, the famous experimental theater director Mr. Meng Jinghui directed, Miss Liao Yimei a consultant for the literature series "Love of three oranges" to begin soon. The actors are dressed in costumes for the Prada 2010 Spring and Summer Series for men and women. Well-cut, profile distinct gray duchess satin dress jacket and skirt, the cut edges to retain the status of natural fabrics, showing a perfect drama. The printed beach holiday is full of ladies style while the light gray suit with white shirt and wool cardigan is a bright spot on stage.

What Prada 2010 Spring Series presented is the past and present, illusion and reality, nostalgia and the strong contrast between the modern, dynamic China with this dramatic works complement each other. Meng Jinghui's plays mostly love which is the main line, reflecting contemporary young people's emotional world and the realities of contemporary social environment.

This will be his new play three different times, different circumstances of women's love story woven together. Although the three were separated by time and space, they all work together to find the thing, a true love story. This mapping of the real city changes the nature of love and raising the awareness of that love is still pure and simple memories of the times.

Love at that time, there is not much compared to the complex material disturbance, and no city life various practical problems arise from frustration. For more understanding, please pay attention to Prada 2010 Spring Series.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Classic Hermes Leather and Scarf Origami Set

Hermès is a great design master. Its design is creative and implicit, full of personal color while maintaining the luxury brand status of Hermes. Its every collection is highly expected and unexpected.

This time, Hermes takes advantage of the Japanese folk art and has come out with a witty tribute to its iconic scarf designs in the form of a chic origami set. Out of question, it makes a good interpretation of the traditional Japanese folk art. The set includes several sheets of origami paper in bright colors, adorned with scarf prints in various motifs on one side, and deep-hued Rothko-like color blocks on the other. Very artistic and charming.

The sheets are collected in a handstitched black saddle leather envelope which also features the origami patterns. The set is presented in a black lacquer box, priced at about $750. Compared with other Hermes goods, this set is almost a bargain. Though it’s not practical, it adds bright touch to your luxury collection.

Hermès made its first scarf in 1937, and the eye-catching accessories were an immediate hit, since sported by worn by style icons such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, and Jackie Kennedy. Up to now, Hermes scarf is still hit and a must-have for fashion lovers.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fearne Cotton Shops with Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo

I just can not think out a single reason why Marc Jacobs bags can attract me. Yes, I do show respect for the great designer but it is the Louis Vuitton handbag designed by him that I take interest but not the handbags of his name.

It is very embarrassing. But there is a certain bag on a certain person that gives me some insights of Marc Jacobs bags. Fearne Cotton is the person who adds something different to Marc Jacobs bags.

I don't often cover news about Fearne here, or rather never. She has been spotted carrying a well-chosen desiger handbag or two. This time the Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo plays the leading role.

I have ever been told that Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo is a good famous luxury bag. The shape of it is completely tacky and lovely. In addition, there are a lot of features of the bag that has a little bit of sass with the zipper and stud details on the sides.

If you always like Marc Jacobs bags, do you feel that the bag Fearne Cotton carries here is bit like the Tweed Bag or else bags of the Marc Jacobs spring collection? Do not forget that there is a signature lock detail at the front of the bag.

If the hobo does without this important detail. it is a simple hobo. If you also like the lovely Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo, then take actions to shop at our mall.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Longer To outlets for Coach

If you have the chance to go to the United States, then you must go to outlets where prices of the goods are generally at 70 percent discount around. Here I cite my favorite Coach as an example, like the classic Coach handbags, they are priced at 1200. The prices are lower than Beijing outlets in terms of Coach wallets. In addition, the color accessories are very generous.

I have a Coach bag and I purchased it on the largest fashion shopping site catwalks network. The key is that only 50 to 70 percent discount can you purchase the latest Coach handbags in the United States, cheaper than the local's outlets. For the general white-collar workers, the monthly wage is only enough for a new Coach handbag.

This Coach Sailing Series features a retro flavor. Red with a brown color and buckle design, are more low-key, more suitable for my age. However, the biggest problem in the Outlets is the hot signature handbags of the new season are not available. In the past, I will consider travelling to foreign outlets to buy the latest Coach. But now you can dig them online.

No matter what kind of outdoor events you’re attending in this summer, no matter it is a  musical festival or a sports game, you will need to carry a handbag of some sort. The Coah handbags online are undoubtedly your best pet. If it is not your cup of tea, you can treat yourself with other kinds.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hermes Fall 2010 Rock Bags

I have long had an idea to own a Hermes, whether it is Kelly or Birkin, that is okey. The need to have one my own simply because it is a perfect combination of classic and chic. If a classic bag can be improved upon, that it deserves to buy.

As for the Hermes Fall 2010, the Kelly is also the key member and interprets a rock and roll attitude. Kelly is so great and seems a bit superior to Birkin.

The new studded Kelly should be said the key role of the show and all the night, they are glittering. For those who like something edgy and energetic, the Kelly in the past might not suit them. But things are different in this fall.

Many things can be changed or altered, but there is onething remains unchanged. That is it is Kelly, Hermes Kelly. With the label of Hermes, it was born with ever-lasting feel, no matter it is added a sense of rock or anything else.

Hermes Kelly handbags show us that the brand Hermes itself is not only timeless but also relevant. That is what I emphasize at the very beginning.

I can picture pairing this bag with large oversized sunglasses or a casual outfit because it is so rock and cool. In my mind, it looks good.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Which Kinds of Hermes Birkin They Favor

1984 witness the birth of Hermes Birkin. At that time, the president of Hermes was on the plane then encountered a French female singer. The singer was Jane Birkin who complained to the president that she could not find a well-crafted and practical large bag. Thus the bag was named Birkin in this way for the reason that it was designed by the president in person.

It seems that Hermes Birkin has been experiencing a long time of popularity. Maybe the stars or celebrities have to thanks for the complain of Jane Birkin.

The aristocratic lady Olivia Palermo pairs her retro lace white gauze shirt with a black tie outside and a black Hermes handbag. How mature the lady looks.

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham uses T shirt to pair the black perspective tight black leather leggings. The fur shows the luxurious style. Hermes handbags plus the black waterproof high-heeled shoes are more charming.

Zeta-Jones is a super beautiful girl. She is wearing a suit, holding a black birkin. It seems that Birkin bags will be distributed to different different charm in accordance with the owner's temperament. Olivier yaba aristocratic Palermo is wearing a retro lace white gauze shirt and with a Birkin in hand.

Among so many styles and so many Birkin bags in different colors, are you sure which one do you like most?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eva Longoria Parker Dates with Tony and Birkin

Eva Longoria Parker is so attrative and charming with her natural manner and her easy-going smile. I love the songs of Eva Longoria Parker and I am so happy that my idol was supported by so many friends.

Eva Longoria Parker has so many Hermes. In her home in Los Angeles,  a large closet is filled with gorgeous coats, shoes, skirts and there is a fabulous Hermes bright pink crocodile skin platinum handbag. Her collection of Hermes is so impressive.

For the most of time, she is soptted with a Hermes handbag. I love my idol so much and each time when I happens to say something about her and see her, I just become excited as to find out what kind of outfit does she prepare for the party or event.

Here I am also carious about her husband. When I mention her husband here, I remember that she is always spotted playing basketball with Tony Parker. How I envy the couple.

In this picture, Eva Longoria Parker is pretty cute with her gray outfit and is just like a little girl when together with her tall husband. All her sweater, the pair of jeans and her shoes are all light colors and which makes the deep indigo blue Hermes Birkin outstanding here.

Maybe it is the effect of the light shade outfit, she looks a bit plump. If she paired the another dark color Hermes Birkin, for example, a black one, then the total image will be plain. Do you agree with me?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

H&M But Not Jimmy Choo?

Louis Vuitton's designer Marc Jacobs launched a cheap series named Don't Miss The Marc in his young line Marc by Marc Jacobs and the series is priced from £ 40 to £ 180. Alexander Wang, Jason Wu also invariably introduced a simplified second-tier brands. They lower prices in this way in order that it will be possible to increase the volume while not do too much damage to the image of the brand.

Recently a friend tried her best to get me a pair of Jimmy Choo for H & M's shoes, especially in places like Shanghai. To grab it is too troublesome. But I know very well that, although attached to the big designer label, after all, it is only H & M, but not really worth tens of thousands of Jimmy Choo. "There is many youngladies in Shanghai that still can not get out of this cheap temptation, but it seems to have a very clear definition.

As we all know, Jimmy Choo is known for its always expensive and stylish design. The average price should be between 450 to 495 euros while crocodile boots are up to 2000 euros or more. Thus sometimes it would really be prohibitive. However, this time Jimmy Choo co-operation with H & M and is going onto road. It takes you only 40 euros to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo designed round flat shoes balletpumps, not more than 180 euro to purchase a pair of design Jimmy Choo boots. A lot of women are sure to feel grateful, right?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag

Have you ever had this experience that even though you have nothing to buy you will do some shopping without an aim? I always do this kind of things. I just force myself to go out to have a view about the beautiful outfits and the luxury handbags. As the spring festival is coming and maybe I come across something good and I will decide to buy something. Who knows? But I never knew that I did buy one and this one didn't belong to the new items or designs. Maybe you have ever heard of it before, it is Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag.

With sometimes the complicated outfits, I want a completely simple and toned down handbag so badly. And I just avoid the ones with prints and complicated combinations of materials. That seems obvious. Too many pockets and outside adornments or decoration are also not suitable for my floral outfits.

In the past, I didn't Fendi bags. And because of Fendi Rose collection handbags I changed my attitude. Fendi Rose collection is designed for the coming Valentine's Day and I have mentioned this collection several days ago. The Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag gives a bland palette and is made with navy leather with contrast topstitching. And the gold hardware can counteract the navy leather. It is a shoulder bag and more than a shoulder bag. It is also a woven shoulder strap and top zip. What do you think of it. Boring or just okey with you?