Saturday, December 10, 2011

The First Coach Handbag is Inspired from Softball Gloves

3F stands for Fan, Feminine and Fashionable. Coach is a reliable brand that present their products in the criteria of 3F. It is not an easy work. Least known is the fact that the first Coach bag is inspired from softball gloves.

Coach was initially founded in an attic in Manhattan in 1941 by Cahn family. It was just a family workshop and only has 6 craftsmen. In 1962, one day the brand founder Miles Caha watched softball game and surprised to see the softball gloves have the feature that if you use the gloves more, the material will become more supple and glossy.

So he tried to deal with the leather in a special way and turn them into soft, glossy and durable leather products. The first Coach bag was born. It was not easy to become colorless and features wear resistance. So it soon become popular.

The style of Coach is abundant with American characterizations. They are both simple in appearance and functional. Size, shape, pockets and shoulder strap all accentuate wide utilization, comfortable feel and different materials of design.
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