Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chinese Students in Australia Use Louis Vuitton as School Bag

In Australia, the Chinese students tend to think that their school bags are Louis Vuitton bags. Those who carry Gucci is lowering himself. Chen Yang (a pseudonym) was a prominent Australian Pre-school student. He said there is a spectacular sight here with more than half of students walking in the campus. Men, woman, from the "old flowers" to "checkerboard" , our eyes are attacked by so many Louis Vuitton bags. Many of whom are of limited edition, in particular the vast majority are genuine.

Louis Vuitton As School Bag

The classic four leaves pattern, in China, is the representative of luxury goods. Generally speaking a Louis Vuitton handbag worths a million yuan. In Australia, the price of Louis Vuitton bag is clearly higher than the domestic prices with the mid-range value of 1500 Australian dollars (total of 9000 yuan). But it is still a sign of luxury. Days ago, Australian dollar exchange rate fell from 6.5 to more than 4. Louis Vuitton price has not changed. She accompanied a few girls to do some shopping safari, each bought three or four. The wealthy boys will send Louis Vuitton as a gift.

Why to buy Louis Vuitton? Chen Yang is speechless due to the special reasons. Perhaps the trend is perhaps, empty and boredom. Perhaps there is one point worth noting. First, those who are able to send their children abroad are mostly from official or the rich families. The second point is that even the civilian families always do our best to provide economic supprt for fear of that their children suffer.

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