Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pixie Lott Carries Mulberry Ruby Bayswater Bag

It is really difficult to figure out who is the lovely lady. I see her carrying her nice Mulberry Ruby Bayswater Bag. The fact is that it is certain I know the celebrity but this moment I really can not figure out. It takes me a great effort.

Pixie Lott, she is Pixie Lott. The answer is given by one of my roommate who finally figure out the one who carrying her nice Mulberry Ruby Bayswater Bag is Pixie Lott. Celebrity where celebrity is due.

brit popster pixie lott carries mulberry
Pixie Lott lives in Essex with her father, a stockbroker, and her mother, a housewife. She has an older brother and sister. Her mother gave her a nickname "elf" just because she is a tiny cute baby. As a British pop star, she just appeared on the stage in the last half of 2009. We are glad to listen to her songs. We just welcome Pixie Lott with our warm arms. She is so young and so energetic. Even though she is so popular now, maybe some of you have never heard of her before. Also, sometime I don't agree with her entire outfit which I think weird or strange.

However, I think her choice this time is quite good. The Mulberry Ruby Bayswater Bag goes well with her image and her outfit. It is opposite to her clothes on some occasions, however. The almost naked look of the leather is in vogue this season while the bow gives Pixie Lott a girly touch. Her bag is so adorable with the pink bow. So I love it. Maybe from this time, I will begin to appreciate her outfit. What I mean is just for sometimes.

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