Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nicole Kidman With Prada and Her Husbad

I dislike complaining all the time and I just can not help but to say something about Nicole Kidman. She is really really expressionless every time she is spot in the public. Still, I am tired of seeing her non changing outfit. I just can not understand why doesn't she make some changes. Does she looks much elder than she is with her outfit? Or is she smiling here? I just can not figure out. If you are kind enough, just tell me guys. If she does smile here, the smile might be too hard and too constrained. Worsestill, actually the outfit is a bit bold with the contrast of these colors but it doesn't match well especially the bag. I don't want to use the word a failure to describe it but I have to. It is time she should make some changes.

Nicole Kidman With Prada

Here we see that Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban are arriving in London after a long flight from LA then they were shooted. Keith Urban looks as what he always does. Nicole Kidman is so not so casual when we combine this couple toghther. The feeling is just hard to describe and maybe a bit sophisticated. Again, what I have to mention is the striking red Prada handbag. In person I love this Prada Saffiano & Tessuto Tote, but it won't be good if it is applied here. But I know that actually Nicole Kidman loves it very much because she is spotted with it for many times.

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