Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interesting Prada 2011 Spring/Summer Handbag Collection

You will marvel at the multifarious colors in 2011 Spring/Summer Handbag Collection. Passionate orange, bright spearmint green, brilliant royal dark blue...these high-purity colors give people a visual shock and leave strong impression.

If you observe carefully, you will discover that the retro styled handbags are still popular in 2011 spring/summer collection. But there is a tiny difference. In 2011 spring/summer, the colors of the retro styled bags are much more vivid.
Let's look at this Prada Striped Single Shoulder Bag. The peltate buckle on the flap is very lovely. Although the bag is in briefcase frame, it is even more attractive than evening clutches, needless to say the dainty bag carried by Jessica Stam.

Now let's divert the attention to the Prada Sriped Clutch. There are three colors: pure orange, dark green/black striped and bright pink/black striped. The peltate buckle is bigger and more eye-catching. These bags will surely capture people's eye and make you a fashion star in your community.

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