Monday, December 13, 2010

Blue for Tiffany & Co

Recent events can surmount the color of fashion news headlines have to be jewelry brand Tiffany, and according to "The Wall Street Journal" reported, this jeweler on September 1 this year, a dozen stores in the United States launched the many styles of handbags series, never with handbags, large handbags to small backpack ranging diagonal.

If Tiffany blue is the gene, then black like Chanel (Chanel) of the soul. The brand was established, about 80% of the Chanel handbag with the black company, and now more diversified choice of colors, but black still occupying half of handbag products. It is worth mentioning that almost every handbag a limited edition launch will have a black line, a landmark new 255 series and 2010 series launched COCO COCOON used louis vuitton handbags, all with the perfect black to illustrate the years of a stand the classic test of beauty.

Always used to borrow a variety of colors designed to show the richness of Coach, also in its debut on the Shanghai flagship store in Madison Floral series launched two exclusive colors: deep violet and luxury mysterious bronze. Also keen to lure colors Cartier in the red box classic handed down under the influence of nurture the maverick Cartier red card in this year's freshly made handbags.

Rounds AsiaInfo also part of the natural thanks to this exclusive red freshman. Red and good luck for the association and its own unique eye appeal brought, so whether it is from Hollywood ? Anne Hathaway, or Ny are from the East to its soft spot.

The color is not the exclusive preowned louis vuitton handbags
can only play its useless, early this year, when Hermes together with the Leica brand offering a limited edition card machine, the
body is clearly bright orange leather Hermes leather professionals is a color. Wherever reach for the camera, the orange Logo lot of money has already demonstrated its worth.

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