Friday, December 17, 2010

Reed Krakoff Boxer II

I have a bit confession that is I was never all a fan of Reed Krakoff Boxer II. But really the second time that I came across it, it really tickled my fancy. The name Krakoff has something to do with Coach but is an independent line indeed.

Reed Krakoff Boxer II is now popular among many fashion chasers. It is in olive/black. And it is cheaper than any other of the same line cause it offers a discount. Though it is not my original favorite but it is worth your money.

I’m not sure what makes me love this Reed Krakoff Boxer II. First of all, perhaps is its color. The Reed Krakoff Boxer II is covetable. If you’re in the mood to be jealous on a look that is more business and mature, it is your choice.

And if you’re an olive lover, you’re probably surprised in front of such a fabulous bag. One of my friends has been wearing some of its creations and told me that it is good value for money.

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