Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nike Triax Fury 100 Style Watch

I have to admit that I am addicted to red color these days. Maybe I want to abreact my depressed emotion in job hunting and spice up my boring life. When I found Nike Triax Fury 100 Style Watch in black and red color in a department store, I thought it was my cup of tea at once. Then I cannot see any other watches in my eyes knock off designer handbags.
 I love this watch not only because its sharp combination of black and red, but also because its unusual design of the band. Usually the two parts of the band of a watch is symmetric. But this watch is different. The two parts of the rubber band are not in a line but they seem to be parallel. Very unique, right? It is ingenious and sporty, very suitable for an energetic girl like me. I also love the plastic material of the case and the dial window. The dial color is black and sport red wordpress designer handbags theme polyurethane. Not 

everything in metal is high quality. In the same rule, not everything in plastic is easy to break up. I believe Nike. The case diameter of the watch is 45 millimeters and the weight of this item is 6.40 Ounces.

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