Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Airports to Buy Chanel and Other Luxury

Zurich Airport is a very attractive shopping paradise, not only because there are many boutiques, but also because here, you can still buy duty-free or real value of the goods. The third check-in near the Airport Outlet, is the most reluctant people to the Shopping paradise. In the area of 1,000 square meters of shopping mall in, Airport Outlet at an attractive price (maximum discount of up to 50%) to provide customers from the Guess, Calvin Klien, Versace, Sand and Mexx and other international famous brands of clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Leaving the city at the time, and some attachment where you can splurge, to seize the last opportunity to express love for the city now. Do not forget to watch it at Zurich International Airport is the main character singing, many big brands, Rolex, Tissot, Longines and so many more fashion brands such as Swatch, are here to stay with the passing of eyes.

As the home of cuckoo clocks, you will find here is not far off fairy tale world; chocolate, Switzerland, the world-famous sweet, distinctive taste, may evoke thoughts of your family; the famous Swiss Army knife and all with a flower pattern, the shape of the Swiss arts and crafts, will let you turn and look back at the moment of parting ... ...

Chanel said the airport in Singapore is also very cheap and worth buying, because I do not have chanel, why did not verified the actual investigation. In addition to cosmetics, perfume category, time of departure from Singapore is strongly recommended to bring some alcohol to give her husband and father.

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