Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Louis Vuitton Once Again

Do my eyes deceive me? I don't know but I want to figure out what happens on earth? It seems that something different on the evaluating agent. We can not find luxury brands like Burberry and Prada on the ranking list of this year.

The reason for the discrepancy of this evaluating standard is that the brand's overall strength is most valued including the  history and culture of the brand, the brand positioning, marketing and every aspect of modern electronics and so on. Taken so many aspects into account, some designers might pass the ranking by.

It is time we peel off the record of last year. The first place goes to Louis Vuitton with its overall brand value increasing by 2% and rosing to 19.78 billion U.S. dollars. The goal of Louis Vuitton is the tourists consumers. The designer focus much on brand culture and has concern for consumers.

Following Louis Vuitton is Hermes. The overall value of the brand increases by 8% and rose to 8.46 billion U.S. dollars. Most of the stake of Hermes is family holding with 71% of the family stake and 29% of the outstanding shares for the public.

The designer takes a lot of courage to try and by the end of 2009 it acquisited the new Chinese brands Shang Xia and focused its marketing on China. At the same time the company pays more attention to the brand heritage and is good at making full use of the essence of the tradition.

The designer that ranks the third and that followed are as follows: Gucci, Chanel, Hennessy, Rolex, Moet & Chandon, Cartier, Fendi and Tiffany & Co.

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