Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gucci Jolicoeur Large Tote VS Hermès Jane Birkin

Gucci Jolicoeur Large Tote, I love Gucci handbags all the time. And I own this type of handbag with classic Gucci logo. It is very practical and it will be timeless!

It is the traditional style of Gucci, and it is very vintage. There are always reasons for a bag to be a classic one. But it is a bit annoying that many people own this kind of bags. They are commonly seen and easily to be regarded as replicas.

Hermès Jane Birkin Handbag, This type appeared in American drama Gossip Girl and it is still in a hit. Many manufacturers copy this type in various materials which are very noble and luxury.

I like the demure black and exquisite design of this crocodile skin bag. It features 9 pieces of diamonds in the weight of 1.86 karats. The bag is formal but not boring and worth buying.

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