Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eva Longoria Parker Dates with Tony and Birkin

Eva Longoria Parker is so attrative and charming with her natural manner and her easy-going smile. I love the songs of Eva Longoria Parker and I am so happy that my idol was supported by so many friends.

Eva Longoria Parker has so many Hermes. In her home in Los Angeles,  a large closet is filled with gorgeous coats, shoes, skirts and there is a fabulous Hermes bright pink crocodile skin platinum handbag. Her collection of Hermes is so impressive.

For the most of time, she is soptted with a Hermes handbag. I love my idol so much and each time when I happens to say something about her and see her, I just become excited as to find out what kind of outfit does she prepare for the party or event.

Here I am also carious about her husband. When I mention her husband here, I remember that she is always spotted playing basketball with Tony Parker. How I envy the couple.

In this picture, Eva Longoria Parker is pretty cute with her gray outfit and is just like a little girl when together with her tall husband. All her sweater, the pair of jeans and her shoes are all light colors and which makes the deep indigo blue Hermes Birkin outstanding here.

Maybe it is the effect of the light shade outfit, she looks a bit plump. If she paired the another dark color Hermes Birkin, for example, a black one, then the total image will be plain. Do you agree with me?

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