Sunday, September 5, 2010

H&M But Not Jimmy Choo?

Louis Vuitton's designer Marc Jacobs launched a cheap series named Don't Miss The Marc in his young line Marc by Marc Jacobs and the series is priced from £ 40 to £ 180. Alexander Wang, Jason Wu also invariably introduced a simplified second-tier brands. They lower prices in this way in order that it will be possible to increase the volume while not do too much damage to the image of the brand.

Recently a friend tried her best to get me a pair of Jimmy Choo for H & M's shoes, especially in places like Shanghai. To grab it is too troublesome. But I know very well that, although attached to the big designer label, after all, it is only H & M, but not really worth tens of thousands of Jimmy Choo. "There is many youngladies in Shanghai that still can not get out of this cheap temptation, but it seems to have a very clear definition.

As we all know, Jimmy Choo is known for its always expensive and stylish design. The average price should be between 450 to 495 euros while crocodile boots are up to 2000 euros or more. Thus sometimes it would really be prohibitive. However, this time Jimmy Choo co-operation with H & M and is going onto road. It takes you only 40 euros to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo designed round flat shoes balletpumps, not more than 180 euro to purchase a pair of design Jimmy Choo boots. A lot of women are sure to feel grateful, right?

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