Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Which Kinds of Hermes Birkin They Favor

1984 witness the birth of Hermes Birkin. At that time, the president of Hermes was on the plane then encountered a French female singer. The singer was Jane Birkin who complained to the president that she could not find a well-crafted and practical large bag. Thus the bag was named Birkin in this way for the reason that it was designed by the president in person.

It seems that Hermes Birkin has been experiencing a long time of popularity. Maybe the stars or celebrities have to thanks for the complain of Jane Birkin.

The aristocratic lady Olivia Palermo pairs her retro lace white gauze shirt with a black tie outside and a black Hermes handbag. How mature the lady looks.

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham uses T shirt to pair the black perspective tight black leather leggings. The fur shows the luxurious style. Hermes handbags plus the black waterproof high-heeled shoes are more charming.

Zeta-Jones is a super beautiful girl. She is wearing a suit, holding a black birkin. It seems that Birkin bags will be distributed to different different charm in accordance with the owner's temperament. Olivier yaba aristocratic Palermo is wearing a retro lace white gauze shirt and with a Birkin in hand.

Among so many styles and so many Birkin bags in different colors, are you sure which one do you like most?

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