Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sara Paxton Looks So-So with Balenciaga Tote

I can't remember how many times I have seen Hollywood celebs dress like in this fashion and hence I just find myself lacking interest in Sara Paxton's black blazer, low-cut tank top and navy jeans. She should be as tall as Rachel Bilson, isn't she? If not, it is she herself who should take the blame of managing such an ensemble. Though in the light of classic streetsnap dress logics, her getup is nothing short of No.1 pattern. Nonetheless, can she be more creative?

I don't want every Hollywood girl to present her red carpet shoot like this. Katrina Bowden can leave me good impression cause that's my first time to witness the might of classic combo of blazer and tank top and jeans, then Rachel Bilson looks uninspired with the like attire, now Sara Paxton gives me the third presentation with which I can't be happy for sure, though her black Balenciaga tote is gorgeous.

Balenciaga City bags are not bad, the thing is, the majority of their owners aren't clear about the way to bring the fab bags to their best. Kim Kadashian, the weavy woman who has a crush on monkeying about with her black Balenciaga tasseled bag, tops the list of bad owner of the designer bag.

On the other hand, I love Stephanie Pratt's ivory Balenciaga tote the most cause it perfectly matches her monochrome dress. Sara Paxton's black Balenciaga bag, I must say, is just average among her so-so outfits.

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