Friday, September 17, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Have a All-Night-Long Party with Chanel Quilted Leather Bag

Lindsay Lohan has a thing for Gucci and Chanel bags and she seems to limit each to specific cases. When she feels like telling the world she's happy more than ever before or she's an innocent girl, she will choose a Chanel quilted leather flap bag to add more joy to her fiesta; when she's just fresh back from some unpleasant story like breaking up with her girlfriend or facing the merciless snap of paparazzi's camera shoots, she usually comes with a Gucci printed bag. Her classic shielding gesture with a large Guccissima tote to protect her from the shoots has become eternal.

After all, Lindsay Lohan spends more time being happy than sad, so we have more opportunities to witness her appearance with gay Chanel bags. That's lovely. The camera-shy bad girl has a good know-how of showing off her cuteness via small Chanel flap bags. Plus, it turns out to be effective. Her holding-back posture can spark people's sense of sympathy easily, and the feelings would be strengthened by the adorable Chanel bag.

This is her second time to show how shy she is with a tiny Chanel quilted leather flap purse in red luster. The nightclub queen consumes a hysteria-like joyful night at a party in London. Look at her bashful expression, protective long curly hair, grey fur coat and the red Chanel flap bag topping off her shy ensemble, do you love her more?

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