Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kylie Minogue's Third Chanel Cross-Body Tote Performance

I don't mind some celebs' crush on one bag as long as they can breathe something new to the bag with assorted getup. If every celeb goes the way Ashley Tisdale does, I'll surely be driven mad. Even she drains all her gym suits to pair her tanned Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas tote, she can't make it cause her gym suits are imcompatible with the vintage Louis Vuitton luxe. The same goes for Kim Kardashian. The first time she had no difficulty in impressing you with her sleek leggings, leather clad blazer, knee boots and Louis Vuitton Monogram tote, but the second time and all the followings are aweful. Every fashionista should have a good study at Audrina Patridge who loves Chanel bags so much but takes pains not to plague our vision with different sets of garments. Here I must say, Kylie Minogue is among the first troop that follows the glorious Audrina Patridge. She has present three ensembles to pair her lovely Chanel metallic flap purse, each of which is gorgeous.

Compared with the previous ebony dotted chiffon blouse&ivory dress shorts plus black coat&grey jump suit, her white slouchy shirt and khaki harem pants this time seem to get closer to her metallic Chanel flap purse. If you have a close-up examination, you will be impressed by her discreet style. She knows to echo the bag whose cross-body strap is beige with a beige stud wristband. The ensemble reminds me of Kate Moss but Kylie Minogue wins more claps from me for sure.

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