Friday, September 3, 2010

Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag

Have you ever had this experience that even though you have nothing to buy you will do some shopping without an aim? I always do this kind of things. I just force myself to go out to have a view about the beautiful outfits and the luxury handbags. As the spring festival is coming and maybe I come across something good and I will decide to buy something. Who knows? But I never knew that I did buy one and this one didn't belong to the new items or designs. Maybe you have ever heard of it before, it is Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag.

With sometimes the complicated outfits, I want a completely simple and toned down handbag so badly. And I just avoid the ones with prints and complicated combinations of materials. That seems obvious. Too many pockets and outside adornments or decoration are also not suitable for my floral outfits.

In the past, I didn't Fendi bags. And because of Fendi Rose collection handbags I changed my attitude. Fendi Rose collection is designed for the coming Valentine's Day and I have mentioned this collection several days ago. The Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag gives a bland palette and is made with navy leather with contrast topstitching. And the gold hardware can counteract the navy leather. It is a shoulder bag and more than a shoulder bag. It is also a woven shoulder strap and top zip. What do you think of it. Boring or just okey with you?

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