Friday, September 10, 2010

Hermes Fall 2010 Rock Bags

I have long had an idea to own a Hermes, whether it is Kelly or Birkin, that is okey. The need to have one my own simply because it is a perfect combination of classic and chic. If a classic bag can be improved upon, that it deserves to buy.

As for the Hermes Fall 2010, the Kelly is also the key member and interprets a rock and roll attitude. Kelly is so great and seems a bit superior to Birkin.

The new studded Kelly should be said the key role of the show and all the night, they are glittering. For those who like something edgy and energetic, the Kelly in the past might not suit them. But things are different in this fall.

Many things can be changed or altered, but there is onething remains unchanged. That is it is Kelly, Hermes Kelly. With the label of Hermes, it was born with ever-lasting feel, no matter it is added a sense of rock or anything else.

Hermes Kelly handbags show us that the brand Hermes itself is not only timeless but also relevant. That is what I emphasize at the very beginning.

I can picture pairing this bag with large oversized sunglasses or a casual outfit because it is so rock and cool. In my mind, it looks good.