Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prada Meets Drama

This summer, the famous experimental theater director Mr. Meng Jinghui directed, Miss Liao Yimei a consultant for the literature series "Love of three oranges" to begin soon. The actors are dressed in costumes for the Prada 2010 Spring and Summer Series for men and women. Well-cut, profile distinct gray duchess satin dress jacket and skirt, the cut edges to retain the status of natural fabrics, showing a perfect drama. The printed beach holiday is full of ladies style while the light gray suit with white shirt and wool cardigan is a bright spot on stage.

What Prada 2010 Spring Series presented is the past and present, illusion and reality, nostalgia and the strong contrast between the modern, dynamic China with this dramatic works complement each other. Meng Jinghui's plays mostly love which is the main line, reflecting contemporary young people's emotional world and the realities of contemporary social environment.

This will be his new play three different times, different circumstances of women's love story woven together. Although the three were separated by time and space, they all work together to find the thing, a true love story. This mapping of the real city changes the nature of love and raising the awareness of that love is still pure and simple memories of the times.

Love at that time, there is not much compared to the complex material disturbance, and no city life various practical problems arise from frustration. For more understanding, please pay attention to Prada 2010 Spring Series.

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